My Letter to Emily

-Auntie Lisa

For Mitey, our class wrote a letter for Emily, a girl who was going through a hard time. My class wrote the letter as someone she knew and wrote in their perspective. I am writing as Auntie Lisa, who is Emily’s dad’s sister. Auntie Lisa is trying to get Emily out of the toxic family and make Emily feel loved.

Business Advertisement


We have created a business advertisement  for our Money Time program as a class, we have written a job application applying for jobs that we would like. It turns out we weren’t cut out for the job. Creating and designing was a amazing experience as we learned new skills and how to create a business ad.


The Wishgranter

The Wishgranter


“Mam, the store is closing” I give a quick nod before grabbing the bag of chips and rushing to the counter. The bell chimes 12 o cloak “Do you need a bag?” “No” I shove the bag of chips, ice cream tub, and microwaved food containers into my tote bag. Quickly I whisper thank you before making my way into the dead of night. The lights of my university shines brightly in the distance. As I walked, my attention was drawn to the old fountain in the town square. Its aged stone exterior and rippling waters under the moonlight looks like something out of a fantasy. Though it had been there since my arrival in London, I had never given it much thought. Without hesitation, I reached into my pocket for the change I got from the convenience store. I retrieved a shiny, gold coin. With a smile, I toss  the coin into the fountain. PLOP! Closing my eyes, I make a wish. A wish that my family has good luck for generations to come. Tricky, but a wish is a wish.


The next morning I’m woken by the sounds from my phone… “RING RING RING RING” I groan reaching to my side table for my vibrating phone. Squinting to see the name tag, “ Morning Grandma…” “Emi! Thank the Lord! Guess what… we just won the lottery and the government just offered help on our farm.! This is a  miracle!” I smile, knowing that my wish came true.

Advocate for the Poor

How can I be can Advocate Kai Koreo like Jesus?

To be an advocate like Jesus, I am willing to look out for my friends and familys, checking if they’re  healthy and happy.

Letter to Jacques Chirac


Dear Prime Minister Jacques Chirac,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Sunsia and I am a citizen of New Zealand. I have heard from the radio that you have been plunging bombs into the mesmerising blue waters of Mururoa. I am concerned about the residents that live on that lovely little island as the children play and muck around near the reservoir. This is a serious situation. If you do not know, bombs produce ionizing radiation, which kills or sickens those exposed alongside contaminating the surrounding environment. Another problem is that multiple people like to fish and many others rely on seafood, but like I said, have been dropping numerous bombs in the sea that most of the sea creatures are lifeless! You have no right to do this! If you say that underground bombing nuclear testing is safe, then why don’t you go and bomb underground France? Stop bombing! I beg you and so do the land and people of Mururoa.

With  respect, Sunsia

   Mururoa Protest by Gerry Wright • Writers Plot Bookshop