Pennies For Hitler

Pennies For Hitler


7th Sept 1940


Walking away from the crumpled building behind me, I try not to look back. I feel the dirt underneath my nails and the dust on my face. It makes me feel irritated and angry. Aunt Mariam! I just remembered her. I should have looked for her first but instead I looked for a stupid girl but not my Aunt. I always make dumb decisions but this one was the dumbest. I realised the air is thick and maybe even green. Slowly, my hand reached down the brown bag beside with the gas mask inside.I was glad I put it on as tears started rolling down my face. I should never have gone to that mansion. I should never have attended the graduation. My life would have been better if I had known this would happen. But now I wish I gave pennies to Hitler…


To be continued


Clay Work- Pennies For Hitler

My class, Room 8 is reading Pennies For Hitler by Jackie French. As part of our learning we had to choose a critical moment from one section of the book. My group Jamie,Maddie, Willietony and me, decided to create a scene when the main character saw dogs that had to be put down for the war because food had to be rationed. Our rationale for this   choice was Georg’s (main character) dreamed to have a dog. But when the Germany declared they were going to war with England, people in England had to put down their pets as food had to be rationed. Georg saw a dog this and saw his dream dying on many levels.


About Me

Hello fellow human!
My name is Sunsia, but I prefer being called Sunny.

I am from Cambodia but I’m also half Australian.

I am currently a year 8 at Saint Patrick School.

I have a cute little brother. I mean it he is super cute! He has curly hair and big brown eyes. People sometimes mistaken him for a girl. He is one years old and guess what?! We have the same birthday date!

If you meet my friends and ask them about me they’ll probably say “oh the little ball of sunshine who is high on sugar and super hyper? Yeah we know her”
By reading that you’ll now probably now know what type of person I am.

Well, thanks for viewing this post! See you later!

Mission Day!

Friday 23 Of September,

The school is having Mission Day. It was very fun! People came in mufti and bring coins to buy raffle tickets. Some people bring canned food as well. My class did Theo A Thon which is when we do a test on Maori words. Me and my class watched Spirted Away after, which was awesome!

In the afternoon the whole school came to the canopy. The teachers pulled the raffle tickets out of a box. Sulia and Willetony got their names pulled out which was really lucky! Then the school came together and took a school photo.

i am very lazy to do this that is why it is short 🙂



he’s levitating! FEET!!

27th of June

Me,Upu,Estherose  and Frances went to room 8 where we will be changing into our swim gear. We changed and after everyone was finished changing we all went to the bottom court and played games. The bus than came and droped us off at SwimMagic. Our coach was Seb, she was really funny and said “Miss Gurl”. Me and my friends was messing around and splashing each other. The water was warm which is good because it was really windy outside.

2 or 3 days later we were moved to Room 6. I felt more comfortable in Room 6 because we get to change in the bathroom. Esther,Frances, Upu and me played soccer and Upu was being a sore loser 🙂 We raced the kids at Room 6 and showed them who is boss!(kidding) The Room 6 girls was roasting us and trying to be smart with us, they had no respect for the older kids >:(   It was really fun playing with them though.

On the last day it was really fun! We got on a boat. Then we played ‘trust fall’ with the water.

I had a lot of fun at swimming. The coaches were nice and the games were fun and  I really enjoyed it.

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